One-click signup buttons inside your tweets impossible?

Well... think again (and it's free too).

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. How does this work?

TweetLead uses an official Twitter Ads feature called Lead Cards. Using this technology your tweet(s) will be enriched with extra description, an image and a button. When clicked, it will automatically collect the users' verified email address - and send it over to your autoresponder.

Q. How well does this work?

"Really well" would be the short answer. Various Fortune 500 have been using this exact same technology - and with good reason. One of our beta testers acquired 236 new leads within his first few days of testing this out (and remember, it's free to test so just give it go as well!).

Q. Why are you giving this away for free?

We'll be honest: we (usually) sell software for a business - and that's OK. However, we felt that every once in a while it's important to give back. That's why we're giving free lifetime accounts away as long as we're in beta.

Q. Is this allowed by Twitter?

Yes! In fact, it uses an official feature from Twitter Ads. Up until today this was only accessible for the major advertisers - we're now putting it into the hands of everyone.